Mentoring 5 girls in Handmade Jewelry, Merchandising, and selling at a local Market for the Summer

The girls are my daughters friends for the past 10 yrs. They love coming over to my house and visit. For the past 5 yrs they have watched my jewelry line evolve into what it is today. These girls are a great group of kids who are taking pride in what they are doing. I have always had a soft opening heart when it comes to kids. I think they feel they have another home and feel apart of my family. I started out just doing Intel holiday shows where my husband worked. Then about 3 yr ago I started with B’Sue and Cindy Lietz making jewelry. Some of the girls have made jewelry with me. I would have to say they are my biggest fans.

Even when they are not selling they are always asking how we did as they take part ownership because they are the setup crew. I have been using these teens for this outdoor market going on 4yrs. And this year I literally do not have to setup or take down. So this is why I am adding a new element, The girls get to design the layout, pick out the jewelry they like and now two of them are selling. Layla who designed the booth this week was so pumped that her displays were helping sales. Elizabeth and Ashley were pumped that they worked together making sales.

The girls are learning so much and are having fun. It comes them a sense of purpose and something to look forward to in the summer. My crew even gives me feed back on how the booth looks. But they are really excited about having more input with the displays.

So, you have liquid polymer clay. Now what ?

This is a great blog with very good information. There are techniques I want to try

Silkscreens By Tonja's Treasures

Liquid polymer clay is more than just a bonding agent for 2 pieces of baked polymer clay or attaching finding. It can be used to do image transfers like I did on this candle screen. I tied for 1st place in a contest hosted by Amaco. ūüôā The pictures I used were taken in my garden. Here is the Candle Screen Project written up on their website.

Here is a short tutorial I wrote many years ago that shows how to do liquid clay transfers.

Here is a video that is great too ūüôā Foolproof Image Transfer by Willowbird Studio

Liquid polymer clay can be tinted with various mediums to be used as glazes or grout in your projects. These mediums include oil paint, mica powder, pastel chalks, powdered pigments, and alcohol ink. Alcohol inks must sit on top o the liquid clay until the alcohol evaporates before you mix…

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What is Art Nouveau Jewelry

Art Nouveau existed for a brief moment but left a lasting impact on jewelry. Pieces from this era are treasured for their original design rather than intrinsic value.

Named after Siegfried Bin’s (1839-1905) avant-garde Parisian shop La Maison de l’Art Nouveau, this style followed an amalgam of new design principles and innovative materials. The world of nature flowed in sinuous curves inspired by the asymmetry and economy of line of Japonism. Ren√© Lalique, the master of the genre, used exotic, fragile materials such as molded glass and enamel for aesthetic value. Designs featured dreamy flora and fauna such as lilies and lotus blossoms, serpents, swans and the female in the guise of a dragonfly. The style’s free-flowing forms were a deliberate reaction to the rigidity of machine-made and mass-produced jewelry.

What I am up to today —– Making canes and Bell Flowers

I think I have now Mastered a couple of canes and doing much better with my choice of colors too.  waiting to be baked and made into earrings. I think the Bell flower earrings are so cute , I made more in two sizes and several colors.  Take a Look at my newest canes  (Stage 1) and Bell Flowers ( Stage 2)  When I get them made into earrings I will post pictures of the finished earrings.4-DSC_6609



19-DSC_6629 Blues, Pinks, Yellow, purple, orange and blues.  Stay tuned to my new earrings of Bell Flowers.


My beginning process of making a line of jewelry………

First of all I needed a theme to get started. As I mentioned in ¬†my first Blog Hop it would be for the love of beetles and rocks which brought back childhood memories. ¬†This is what happened next…….

Making of the Beetle Bodies…….


I needed to make the beetle bodies for my new line. I was making imitation agates and turquoise from polymer clay.   A technique I learned from Tory Hughes.

make body

This was the most time consuming part of the whole line. ¬†I love these two technique and I have been given permission from Tory Hughes to teach the turquoise technique¬†at B’Sue Boutiques Weekend Workshop Retreat May 15th – 18th. ¬†It will be lots of fun!

Decision Time…….

As each beetle is unique,  I needed to make a decision as to which body went with which colored beetle and leaf.  Here are some samples ,,,,,

This was my process and no they did not all stay this way.  Beetles were changed and moved several times before I was happy with the look and style.  My line consists of Necklace, ring, brooch, bracelet, and earrings. I went through this thought process with each design.

On March 20th there is a BIG REVEAL of my whole New Jewelry Line




Sneak Peak into my new Jewelry Line ” The Love Beetle Rocks!”

The new part of my line is three inch ring bowls. There are several steps to this process to make bowls. The first part is to condition the clay and make your three layers of clay in the design of your choice. I chose to make these first seven bowls with my scrap clay.

The next step, is to bake the bowls on their mold for half an hour. Now I can sand and buff the bowls. Once this step is done then I can think about the feet. That will be the next surprise as to what I make

Ring Bowls after first bake. Time foe sanding and buffing then I can add the feet.
Ring Bowls after first bake. Time foe sanding and buffing then I can add the feet.


Ring Bowls in the oven.
Ring Bowls in the oven.

 January Bohemian Vibe Challenge

with Christie Friesen

My challenge features a blue hand painted flower with a compass to tell you which way to travel.  A little whimsy in my jewelry makes it unique and fun to wear.This piece reminds me of Alice in Wonderland just needs a rabbit and clock.  Maybe it is the color of the flowers.  Please enjoy my necklace.

Follow your artistic passion even with vision issues

Excitement….Passion…..Love…… Creativity…..Sharing….Learning

That pretty much sums me up when I am making jewelry and being a part of the Build a Line Challenge . ¬†Please visit the other artists blogs under B’Sue Boutiques Blog Hope Page . ¬† ¬† My Beetle jewelry line is called…. Wait for it…. ¬† I know the suspense is killing you… but it will be worth it. …

The Love Beetles Jewelry






I am making a 5 piece jewelry line featuring my beetle bugs. The body of the bugs will be polymer clay faux agates in various colors.  No two bodies will be the same pattern as in real life no two agates are the same.  Price point will fall between $15.00 Р$38.00.  

My jewelry design process is to first make all the agates from polymer.  Bake РSand РBuff to a smooth shine, then attach to the beetle.  This is probably the most time consuming part of the beetle jewelry.  But it will be easy to teach someone else on how to make the faux agates.  The process is simple and each agate maybe the same in colors the look will look like real agates.  Here are some samples in different stages of completion.

The next step in my design process is to set out the brass components I am using from .  The brass is of the highest quality and USA made.  I will lay things out in a rough design and then take pictures of the various designs.  I then look back at the photos to see what is most pleasing to the eye for the composition of the piece.  The piece I started this process with is my brooch as that is what the composition  looked like to me.  Here are a couple of examples:

Come join me and the others in the B’Sue Build a line challenge and see my new ¬†line to completion. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†

The Love Beetles Jewelry