What’s New

It’s been awhile since I last posted.  My goal is to post once a week. I just haven’t decided which day.

This week I have been working on my Etsy shop.  Improving the shop with photos of all my helpers and updates.  Making jewerly is fun and I can zone out.  Taking care of my etsy shop is a must to keep people engaged with my shop.  I am trying to keep things interesting.

Learning about Marmalead.com has really helped with my titles and tags.  So much that I have sold 4 pieces of jewelry this month alone.   I have to say that is a first.  Exciting to see all the great reviews too.

Another lesson is to get my  jewelry piece inventory better organized.  they are all stored in totes and in their own gift box.  Problem is I have to go through each box to find what I have sold.

Solution:  Separate into categories: earrings, necklace, pendants, lockets, etc.  the same categories that are listed in my Etsy shop.  Another is to then number the boxes and add that to the title.  We started that using labels and have found they are not sticking very well, So I need to come up with a plan B.  LOL!

Taking a thumbprint picture was another thought by my hubby. He would have to take that project on.

WE are also working on  my branding for Howling Dog Jewelry that I can use for packaging,social media, etc.

That does it for now. Thank you for visiting my blog.  Cindy