Learning More About Etsy

Listing  in Etsy

Learning about how to list, is something I am concentrating on these days.  How to make your titles with keywords.  I started my listing titles with a unique name for the piece, like Spring Garden Necklace.  Then learned that not too many people will search for that in a necklace.

I now understand that searchable keywords is what I should be using in my titles. This way more customers can find me and my shop. You will be seeing some changes in my shop as I learn more about listing in Etsy.I believe in Etsy and think it is a great place for me and my jewelry.  If others can do it and sell, I can too.    It is a learning process and I was the child  who loved to learn.  And, then I followed through the best I can with the new information.

So Hang on to your Seats! Howling Dog Jewelry is busting out of the gates with focussing on her Etsy Shop.


Thanks for vising

Have any ideas for my shop, are always welcomed!







One thought on “Learning More About Etsy

  1. kristy leTrendy Jewelry Desings December 11, 2015 / 1:09 PM

    Way to go my friend I think this why I’m so scared to jump in I don’t know all the bells and whistles to make run smooth. I’ll be asking questions my friend as you learn maybe I’ll learn.


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