Top Honors for Amanda

Academic Achievements

Hillsboro High School, Oregon

My 16 yr old daughter Amanda was honored for her 3.8 GPA with a Letter and certificate.  The school wanted to start this new letter program for kids with 3.5 GPA or greater.

12301669_10153394597328022_8523637588705156117_n Amanda also has a new baby Kitty named Westly.  He is so cute and still very calm.  I know it is probably the calm before  the kitty storm.  He is only 5 mos and we adopted hi  m through the Humane Society for Amanda’s Christmas present.


Stay tune for the antics of Westly as he gets to know his new home.


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Learning More About Etsy

Listing  in Etsy

Learning about how to list, is something I am concentrating on these days.  How to make your titles with keywords.  I started my listing titles with a unique name for the piece, like Spring Garden Necklace.  Then learned that not too many people will search for that in a necklace.

I now understand that searchable keywords is what I should be using in my titles. This way more customers can find me and my shop. You will be seeing some changes in my shop as I learn more about listing in Etsy.I believe in Etsy and think it is a great place for me and my jewelry.  If others can do it and sell, I can too.    It is a learning process and I was the child  who loved to learn.  And, then I followed through the best I can with the new information.

So Hang on to your Seats! Howling Dog Jewelry is busting out of the gates with focussing on her Etsy Shop.

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Have any ideas for my shop, are always welcomed!