Top Honors for Amanda

Academic Achievements

Hillsboro High School, Oregon

My 16 yr old daughter Amanda was honored for her 3.8 GPA with a Letter and certificate.  The school wanted to start this new letter program for kids with 3.5 GPA or greater.

12301669_10153394597328022_8523637588705156117_n Amanda also has a new baby Kitty named Westly.  He is so cute and still very calm.  I know it is probably the calm before  the kitty storm.  He is only 5 mos and we adopted hi  m through the Humane Society for Amanda’s Christmas present.


Stay tune for the antics of Westly as he gets to know his new home.


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Learning More About Etsy

Listing  in Etsy

Learning about how to list, is something I am concentrating on these days.  How to make your titles with keywords.  I started my listing titles with a unique name for the piece, like Spring Garden Necklace.  Then learned that not too many people will search for that in a necklace.

I now understand that searchable keywords is what I should be using in my titles. This way more customers can find me and my shop. You will be seeing some changes in my shop as I learn more about listing in Etsy.I believe in Etsy and think it is a great place for me and my jewelry.  If others can do it and sell, I can too.    It is a learning process and I was the child  who loved to learn.  And, then I followed through the best I can with the new information.

So Hang on to your Seats! Howling Dog Jewelry is busting out of the gates with focussing on her Etsy Shop.

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Have any ideas for my shop, are always welcomed!







The results of My Biggest Show Ever,


What was the experience like

It was fun, interesting, loved talking with the customers, and yet disappointing.  I was told that my jewelry would do well at this venue last year but did not have the help to try it.  This year I had the help, the inventory, and lots of family support.  So I made this giant leap.

The last weekend was supposed to be promising. Other vendors had stated they do very well on Saturday the busiest and Sunday. Sunday though customers were looking for sales.  I could handle that if I need to clear inventory.  It really didn’t matter what we did, this was not the place for my jewelry.  Had gone into this venue with High hopes of doing good each  day. That was not to be.

Dec 4th was the bring canned foods and get in free day.  So it did attract the younger families and the seniors.  What I noticed was the young mom’s were not really shopping, they were merely socializing. This was their outing without the kids.  This is just my take on my isle of the bazaar.  I am sure there were people buying but you need the crowd to be interested in shopping.

DEC 5th, SATURDAY the big shopping day.  Started off really slow. Then from   11 am to 1 pm it picked up a little. But then died after that.  I made under $100.00.  I had my printed signs with the price ranges for my different types of jewelry with my logo. We rearranged the setup. Yes, more people came in, but most just looked.  An experienced vendor suggested these types of signs even though I had everything priced.  She was a jewelry vendor who was asked to be there, she said yes if she could pick her spot.  By then end of the day she was not happy with this venue at all. She was accustomed to making $2,ooo a day at our well known Saturday Market in Portland.


Dec 6th Sunday Last day of the Bazaar.  With Cheerful attitude we all made some signs putting everything on sale as that was what was expected by customers.  I know! I know! What you will all say.  But, We did it to see what would happen on the last day.                                            ( 11 am Saturday)

17-IMG_2022 (Saturday 1pm)1-IMG_2020(Saturday Afternoon )2-IMG_2030

I did $165 in sales, 3 necklaces, ring, 4 earrings in a bottle, hair clip and David sold his key chains. David actually did very well his first time. He made $30.00 over the 6 days.  He was very pleased.  Amanda made $10. 00 and Elizabeth made $18.00 over the 6 days. Marie made $80.00.I did make my booth fee and parking fee. But this is about it.

To sum it all up

This was not the Market for me.

Putting jewelry on sale doesn’t make it sell any better at this type of venue.

Make sure your prices if on sale are the same on Etsy as the show.

Check with several others about how well  a show is doing for artisans before signing up. I had to sign up for this show in April.

I don’t want to make things for $5.00 to sell. It is not my style or way of thinking.

I am an artist not a crafter. ( Not to down play crafters and their talents by all means)

I make quality jewelry, not made elsewhere in another Country, My supplies come from USA.

Even though they had over 500 artisans. The most ever, this bazaar had the feel of a Fair Show or the Arizona swap meet ( as Duane says).

Most of the Artisans first timers I spoke too are not coming back next year.

What is my next step

My next step is to focus more on my Etsy shop and load more of my jewelry in my shop.  My goal is to  put something up every day during the week.  I am also  hoping to find better venues to sell at that are geared for Artisans.

Thank you for following my experiences with a big Show.  I hope everyone has learned something from my experiences.  I do not regret the experience. I did learn a lot.