Setup: Begins for the Big Show

America’s Largest Christmas Bazaar

Portland, Oregon

Day of the Setup:

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. The car is loaded with jewelry and trailer is loaded with all the display stuff. We have all the Holiday decorations. We picked Snowflakes as our theme for the booth.

Setup is from 10am to 8pm. So we are off for my experience of the year. Duane, Marie and I will be setting up as the teen daughters, Amanda and Elizabeth are in school.

We didn’t get there till 11am. Let me tell you people and trailers, dollies everywhere. People unloading their products on one of the coldest days.  We were all excited . Took several trips to unload.  Bless Duane and Marie for being the muscle, I could have not done this show without their help.  I am very blessed.


We get everything in  the huge building, like 2 football fields big.  Now in the summer our booth allows people to come into the booth, but we are not a corner booth.  We can setup our booth within an hour. We have it down pat.  Well this setup was all new to us. 03-DSC_9199

We added to this setup; decorations more lights, and the booth is L shaped where customer don’t come into the booth.  So it took longer to figure out. We had to figure out traffic flow, theft proof the best we could, what tables we were going to use, where our glass shelves were going to go, how we were going to use the grids and still be within the guidelines of the show, and then where to put the other lights to highlight the jewelry.  Whew!  That’s a lot to think about. 04-DSC_9200

Duane and Marie are trying to figure out the tables and grids. I am unpacking all the boxes, gift bags, and tissue.  Making them handy in our bookcase.

Some more set up pictures.

10-DSC_9207 07-DSC_9203



Now it is around 2:oo and Duane is ready to put the glass cubes together.  I had suggested that they were put together at home.  He said no problem easy to put together. You know where this is going , don’t you!  I was right, the fixtures store tripled checked the amount and sizes we needed. Sounds good until Duane started putting it together. Marie started to help him and they figured out that the sizes did not match. We had 12″ square glass, with 10″ x 16″ glass ( they were suppose to be 12 x 16 ).  So he gives a call and explains the problem they don’t have enough of what we needed but came up with another size that would work. Off to the Fixture store on the other side of town with a lot of traffic .

Marie then realizes this is going to take longer then expected because of our glass issue. We are at least an hour away from Hillsboro, and there is traffic, and she has a hair appointment at 7 pm.  Duane is still gone, she has no car and decides the take the max train home.  She leaves at 4 and Duane arrives back with some food ,water and the new glass sizes. Oh! and they gave me a $10.00 coupon and free Windex with paper towels for the inconvenience.

18-DSC_9215  Priceless! 19-DSC_9217

He gets to the top row and takes out the last of the 12 x 16 glass only to find out they messed up again.  He was one short so the top middle is 12 x 12.  Its Ok as it works and we had a good laugh from the comedy of errors.  It is now like 6:30pm.  I am trying to put necklaces onto necks and decide which will go under the glass.  Duane is taking a much needed break before he puts up additional lights.  By 8 pm  we have covered things up and head for home; tired, cold, stiff and sore.  It had been a very long day.

They had kept the overhead huge doors open all day with no heat. Our hands were freezing along with everything else.  We got home around 9:30pm and my hands are still cold.

Some more setup pictures

17-DSC_9214 10-DSC_9207




Of a very Big Show