For the Love of Rocks!

My love for rocks began as a child while camping with my family. My dad would take me to the creek beds  to look for rocks. I always looked for the ones that sparkled. Mostly quartz and granite rocks. I had a Little Rock book that we would check to see what kind of rocks we found. 

My dad always wanted to see what the inside of the rock looked like.. He used a rock hammer to crack open the rocks. Sometimes we would be surprised and other times it looked just like the outside of the rock.    Black and White Agates

As I got older whenever I went camping I always wantanded to look for rocks. One camping trip in Montana and Wyoming I collected several rocks of: granite, slate, quartz, some unknown rocks that were just pretty. However these were not small tiny rocks, these were if I could lift it I could take it home. The only problem is it weighed down the pickup truck and used up a lot more gas to where we rolled in on fumes when we got home.

Two years ago we took another family trip to Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming and guess what?  I brought home more rocks. Only this time I bought them from a rock shop because they were glistening in the sun and so beautiful. Last summer I tried using them as jewelry displays, that didn’t work too well as the customers wanted to buy the rocks and I was trying to sell jewelry. So I have the rocks here at home and sometimes use them for photographs.


So from my love of insects and my love of rocks the jewelry line came to be “The Love Beetle Rocks!”

Sneak Peak into my new Jewelry Line ” The Love Beetle Rocks!”

The new part of my line is three inch ring bowls. There are several steps to this process to make bowls. The first part is to condition the clay and make your three layers of clay in the design of your choice. I chose to make these first seven bowls with my scrap clay.

The next step, is to bake the bowls on their mold for half an hour. Now I can sand and buff the bowls. Once this step is done then I can think about the feet. That will be the next surprise as to what I make

Ring Bowls after first bake. Time foe sanding and buffing then I can add the feet.
Ring Bowls after first bake. Time foe sanding and buffing then I can add the feet.


Ring Bowls in the oven.
Ring Bowls in the oven.