New Cuffs online retreat with Polymer Clay Adventure

First project was 5 different cuffs.  I learned a lot.  The only problem I was having was getting things straight and even.  That is a challenge with my vision.  So when you look at the pictures with the crystal cup chain up close they are not perfectly straight.  But this is what makes it handmade and not factory made.  It has my love and personality in the design.  I tried hard to make the cuffs my own design with a hint of the tutorial as the base.  These are really fun to make. Now I need to decide whether to add a chain to them.

 This was my first Cuff and I gave background a tooled leather look.

My next bracelet was the extruded half round tubes.  I changed the color to bronze and added turquoise to change it up.

I made two different sizes with this one,  I am using a 2″ brass blank I purchased from B’Sue for my base.

I back the bracelet on the brass blank for a half hour. Then I take it off the brass blank and bake another half hour.

This was a technically challenging piece getting the look just right. But after 3 tries I finally got it. Looks a little industrial for me.

I am usually the pretty looks.  I going out of my little box and experimenting with new looks.

This is a soft pink/purple color cuff accented with crystal cup chain. 2mm,

This was my vision challenge cuff. Trying to get things lined up straight.  When I am looking this close at something and trying to focus I see very little.  So even though the bracelet is only 2 ” wide I am only seeing about an inch at a time.

I still love it and is very pretty.

 This is my last cuff with purple and gold.  A Moroccan feel to it.

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  1. Melissa January 14, 2015 / 8:45 AM

    I love these bracelets, Cindy!


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