Welcome 2015!

So far 2015 is going to be busy with learning new techniques both in my mixed-media jewelry and polymer clay.

My first endeavor is being approved for a three month challenge of Designing my own jewelry line. I will be sharing my artistic process, the reason why I picked this thing, and share photos of my progression. The challenges from January to March and I’m so excited to be a part of this with Brenda Sue boutiques.

My second endeavor they share this with Polymer Clay Adventure. This is an online course for the year with 24 projects and 22 teachers from all over the world. I have just completed my first lesson about making dangles five different ways. I am currently in the process of standing buffing and polishing and will share these pictures when they are done. The classes are not all jewelry related which is fine it will expand my knowledge of how to work with polymer clay and I know I will learn new techniques. I will also be sharing the photos from this challenge as well.

I am also involved with Bohemian vibe and Christie Friesen through Brenda Sue boutiques creative group. These are monthly challenges with polymer clay. Christie gives us the ideas for the month and this is also a challenge. January a spring garden necklace and I’m so excited to get into this as I can make it my own.

I will be sharing more of my learning experiences classes, photos, and stories along the way. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

And remember

Follow your artistic passion even with vision issues

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