A sweet message from B’Sue  Boutiques creative group

Please check out the newsletter that Brenda puts out for creative group. She wrote something about me and the artists process. Brenda is my mentor and I look up to her and want to learn all I can from her. She is a wonderful person and very  with her free tutorial videos. Check them out on YouTube. This is the best group I have joined on line who share critique and nurture the creative process in making jewelry.

An excerpt of Brenda’s newsletter


Occurs in many ways.   We all have our own special way of thinking and expressing ourselves with our jewelry art.

An artist whose work I’ve always found intriguing is Cindy Peterson of Howling Dog Jewelry at Etsy.    Cindy is a very fine polymer clay AND mixed media artist; she is fearless, she lets nothing stop her from what she wants to do most.  That’s make jewelry and MORE jewelry.

What is even more fascinating about dear Cindy is that she is legally blind, and even has to walk about with a blind cane.

But look what she does…..she is positively PROLIFIC:

Above, is Cindy’s work table, in progress
Cindy LOVES color!

And how about this lovely little kitty cat bracelet? 

We carry those kitty cameos on the website now.  I love how Cindy has layered the stampings and added more color.

Here’s her latest show display:  


Cindy loves to get out and meet people and share her creativity with them.

If I were to describe Cindy’s process I would say it’s joy most of all, joy in being able to create and share her love of her art with others.   It keeps her driven and moving forward.

She’s a good person to think about on those rainy days when we feel we’ve hit a wall.  I think about her often, and sometimes I think, what would Cindy do?

She just keeps on going, learning, improving and sharing!

Follow your artistic passion even with vision issues


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  1. Marie Roozen November 24, 2014 / 5:42 AM

    I agree Cindy is very talented and outgoing. I am happy to call her my friend. Love ya Cindy


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