My show adventures

This is my first time at this assisted living center. Everything is handcrafted and the people were just wonderful. The space provided was very cramped. My table was up against the wall and my daughter Amanda sat to one side of the table and I had to sit across from the table. It was a dead-end room with only one way in and one way out. So we had to leave enough room in between tables for two walkers to be able to pass. We were at the beginning of this room so it was hard for people just standing just really look they always had to move out away. But when it wasn’t real busy people did stop and I did do pretty well at this show.

I talked to the organizer and she is going to put me upstairs they have an elevator where there is more room and I will have to tables. Part of the problem with this downstairs room was there is a baby grand piano that was not able to be moved out.And now I know what kind of jewelry to make for the show next year. I think the older people would probably like less-expensive jewelry that was Christmas oriented.

My daughter Amanda who loves seniors she thinks are so cute she sold several pieces this time. And the one thing we both learned was not to try to hook up lighting when someone is shopping and as we knocked over the back three necks and broke the earring bottle. We were trying to get the square to my phone and we were lifting up the Brown box and that is why you don’t have the blind person helping who can’t see anything but what’s in front of her nose. All we could do was laugh and put it all back together and the customer still bought the necklace after she looked it over because it was one of the ones that ended up on the floor.

Amanda would not sit on delete Santa’s lap so Santa and Mrs. clause came to her and she was just cracking up. We had a good mother and daughter day and she was ever so helpful.


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