My first show of the season

It went very well. Sold several necklaces this time. I tried beads in a bottle like my earrings in a bottle. Great idea I just didn’t go far enough with it because I didn’t have string, elastic or findings to go with the beads. So I will be repackaging the beads in a bottle inside a clear pillow box and then add elastic and charms or something to make it look complete as a necklace or bracelet kit.

This idea came to me in the wee hours I woke up and told my husband  I had this great idea to use beads and he was waiting for me to continue with my idea but I fell asleep. So when I was fully awake later that morning I told him what my idea was ; we just laughed because he said he was waiting for the rest of the story.

I was using the small beads that I’ve had for like four years and I don’t seem to be using them anymore so was trying to think of a way to Detash them in a creative way.  I will make them into a kit and sell them for five dollars and hopefully get some kids involved in making their own jewelry. Also it would be a great gift that’s not too expensive. So this week I’m working on making the beads in a bottle into a kit.

You can find  my jewelry at



One thought on “

  1. Ellen November 18, 2014 / 7:14 PM

    Got a laugh about you falling back asleep before you could tell the hubby about your idea Cindy! So glad your show went so well!


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