Seven holiday bazaars

Well it’s countdown week this Saturday November 15 I will be at the Beaverton high school holiday bazaar. Last year was my first year they are and I did really well. So today I will be setting up on my kitchen table how I would like to use my new display material because I am trying to go with more height. I have mostly new jewelry to display with my new holiday gift boxes which are awesome.

My daughter and her friend will be helping me out the bizarre so they are going to help with the setup today. To do these bazaars I have to have somebody with full vision. I so appreciate their help as I would not be able to do this without them, and yes they do get paid. It’s good experience for them for merchandising, pricing, customer service, learning to engage with others, selling practices, and just having a fun time. They get excited when they see my jewelry and when it sells.

I have the jewelry the kitchen table already to go I’m just waiting for the teenagers to wake up and come join me.

Thank you And Have a Lovely Day

 Follow your artistic passions even with vision issues


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